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Mechanical Details
Aluminium body
- Stainless steel screws
- Silicone gasket
- In compliance with European Standards EN-60598
- Mechanical impact resistance IK 08
- Protection Grade IP66
- Electrical installation Class I
- Electrostatic polyester powder coating with high 
thermal conductivity


Product Features

Mechanical Details Led 4000k Square Solar   Battery Charger
One way (4 or 6mt.) 15W 2250lm. 42W LiFePO4 360wH. MPPT  
Double way (4 or 6mt.) 20W 3000lm. 42W LiFePO4 480wH. MPPT  
Triple way (4 or 6mt.) 24W 3600lm. 42W LiFePO4 590wH. MPPT  
Four way (4 or 6mt.) 28W 4200lm. 42W LiFePO4 700wH. MPPT  

Product Technical Detail